Windshield stone chips  & some cracks can usually  be repaired at no cost to you with the proper insurance coverage and most insurance companies will waive your deductible.


MOUNTAIN STATE GLASS LTD. will guaranty repaired chip or crack not to crack further for as long as you own your vehicle or we will credit amount paid for repair towards a new Mountain State Glass replacement windshield installed.  

MOUNTAIN STATE GLASS LTD. invites our Eagle county residents and all high country residents to join us in this worthy cause supporting Vail Valley Salvation Army & Eagle Valley Humane Society.  





  • Cracks up to 10" can be repaired.
  • ​Does not disturb original seal

  • Repairs are ECO Friendly windshields are not recyclable
  • Repairs can be completed in 20 minutes replacements can take hours
  • Repairs cost a fraction of replacements
  • No need to replace toll/parking.. stickers
  • If repair fails, cost is credited to new windshield replacement



When a road pebble or rock strikes a windshield, it puts a divot in the outer lay of glass which cracks and creates a chip/divot on the inside of the outer lay. Tiny air pockets surrounding this chip/divot  causes the visual

distortion you see.

Our patented design evacuates the trapped air in order to completely fill the cavity with a special resin designed for windshield repairs, that when cured properly clears the distortion and bonds together the cracks.



The windshield repair is designed to restore integrity to the cracked glass and at the same time improving/clearing visual distortion to the damaged area.

Once the repair is completed, the appearance of the damaged area has greatly improved. In some cases where contaminates have infiltrated damaged area, the repair may not clear up as much. These contaminates include windshield washer fluid, road grime and

snow deicers. There will always be a surface scar from the rock or stone impact.​​ ​​ 



Cracked and Broken windshields are illegal in Colorado and law enforcement can pull you over and ticket you. Fines can be $50 and upwards to $150.00.

With the proper coverage your windshield could be paid for by your insurance company. Deductibles usually apply.


MOUNTAIN STATE GLASS LTD. is a preferred vendor for most insurance companies and auto glass networks including, Lynx Services and SGC Network. Simply call us at 970-445-0888 and we will initiate a 3-way phone call with you, your insurance/network provider and us to be sure all goes as smoothly as possible and schedule your appointment.


MOUNTAIN STATE GLASS LTD guaranties replacement glass to be free of manufacturer defects for the length of the original manufacturers warranty. Workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the windshield. Life of windshield

for warranty purposes is 1 year.


MOUNTAIN STATE GLASS LTD will use after market 

replacement glass for all estimates and installations unless otherwise requested by the customer and/or approved by insurance companies for insurance claims. Factory replacement glass can be purchased through aftermarket vendors at times, but in most cases it must be ordered from automobile manufacturers at a much higher price and longer delivery times for parts. Factory glass used to be thicker and heavier than after market glass. That's not the case 

anymore. Because of federal pollution and mileage

regulations,  manufactuer's had to find ways to lower vehicle wieghts. Reduction in windshield wieghts is one way. Now factory glass is thinner like after market glass. Back in the early days of after market glass, production quality was poor to good at best. Many windshields had optical and clarity problems but newer manufacturing equipment and technology has all but eliminated this problem anymore. Unfortunately most after market and factory glass is made outside this country with China making the most from one of the newest and most modern auto glass plants in the world built by a major american glass manufacturer.


Windshield do a lot more than just keep the wind and rain out of your face! Late model car windshields work in conjunction with many new car features such as Supplemental Restraint Systems, Heads up Display, Lane Departure Warning System, Rain Sensors and the list goes on (list on home page). Some of these features you may not be aware of, for example a Heated Wiper Park which is common in winter climates and yet most people have no idea they have such a feature. 


Short cuts and low prices go hand in hand. I've seen first hand what low prices can do to a new car. Check out picture below. Not to mention the safety of the owner & passengers. Usually new trainees working for a auto glass company know they can make more money working on the side and run right out and buy a truck and a glass rack and become weekend warriors for a while before quitting there training position to work for themselves. Ill-equipped and ill-prepared short cutting soon follows. This can effect the looks and integrity of the installation. They have little money to purchase the additional clips or proper adhesives  since they priced the job so CHEAP. The next thing you know, parts of your car are being glued back together instead of fastened with clips or some other re-usable fastener. Windshields are being glued in with improper sealants risking peoples lives. Passenger side air bags are ineffective if improper sealants or procedures are used.